Blog 2!

Apologies for the delay in posting.  This Divi platform is a great tool but it has so many features it will take a while for Maureen to familiarize herself with them.  Please bear with us while we navigate our way through all this technology!

Covid 19 decimated the tourism industry world-wide, and it is uncertain when we will be able to travel overseas.  In the meantime, it is nice to away to someplace new and just get out of the house.

Tourism industry research has shown that 72% if bookings were made less than 14 days before travel.  Travellers are reluctant to book in case they have to cancel and lose their money.  There have been numerous complaints about this in the news and current affairs programmes.  And you can really blame people; It just sounds like a prudent thing to do.

We at Moira Gums have always had a policy since the beginning of the pandemic that we would provide a full 100% refund to any guest who had to cancel at any time prior to check-in.  It is disappointing for guests (and unfortunately this has happened at least 4 times).  We will continue this policy as we believe it gives our guests peace of mind and confidence to book knowing that if they must cancel, they will not be out of pocket.

The Winter season is almost here, and Moira Gums is a lovely place to visit in the colder months.  The nights can get to zero degrees, but the days are usually mild and sunny 17 to 20 degrees.  All our beds have electric blankets, doona and extra throws for your comfort.  There are oil-filled column heaters in each bedroom as well as a delightful and efficient woodfire to ensure everyone is comfortable.

Imagine toasting your toes before a cosy fire, curled up on the couch with a glass of red and some cheese and nibbles nearby. Bliss!

Kerry & Maureen